Our Terms & Conditions

By checking or signing the "I Agree" box during checkout you are accepting and agreeing to this rental agreement.

By accepting this rental agreement you are also accepting www.hire4babytenerife.com website's Privacy Policy, Terms Of Use, and answers to questions listed on the website.

If you do not agree with the rental agreement you must cease pursuing the hire of rental equipment from Hire 4 Baby Tenerife immmediately. 


All Hire 4 Baby strollers and baby equipment are used at the renters risk of loss or injury of any type. The customer is responsible for any and all rented equipment from Hire 4 Baby Tenerife. You (The User) agree to hold Hire 4 Baby Tenerife harmless and indeminify them and all people associated with the company including non Hire 4 Baby Tenerife staff involved with delivery or pick up of the hire equipment such as hotel employees from any and all claims and or injuries up to and including death.

The renter is responsible for familiarizing themselves with the proper operations of the hire equipment before using. Our staff will happily demonstate the use of all products. If you require a demonstration of a product, it is you (The User) who must request a demonstration of the product prior to taking the items and signing the rental sheet.

Hire 4 Baby Tenerife reserves the right to substitute equipment in the event equipment becomes unavailable to you due to availability, extensions or breakages you will be notified as soon as possible. If we are unable to deliver a product due to premises access issues, we will contact you for an alternate destination to provide you with your baby equipment. If alternative arrangements cannot be made we reserve the right to cancel the order, we also reserve the right to charge the full amount if it is not seen as a fault by Hire 4 Baby Tenerife. It is up to you (The User) to ensure items can be delivered to the requested destination.

You agree to abide by any and all local laws enforced upon renting any Hire 4 Baby Tenerife's equipment. You agree to use the hire equipment and/or collapse strollers in proper/safe areas and correctly at all times. 

The customer is responsible for theft, loss, or damage to all baby equipment and/or accessories. In the event of theft, loss, or damage of any Hire 4 Baby Tenerife's equipment including accessories that are in the renters’ possesion, the renter hereby authorizes Hire 4 Baby Tenerife to charge the customer for any costs to replace and/or repair lost or damaged equipment.

(Renter must also make a police report at the national police station as soon as possible)

Hire equipment/Strollers and accessories must be returned in the same condition originally received, this includes stains to fabrics including sun lotion. Failure to do so will result in a €20 fee for extra cleaning. (This applies to heavy soiling most commonly being sun lotion stains) 

Upon discovering any lost or missing items you must call us immediately on (+34) 693 855 455. Failure to do so will result in the customer being charged for replacing the damaged or missing items.

Lost stroller accessory packs will result in a charge of €30 to replace the pack.

The renter agrees to return all equipment and accessories to original delivery location unless other arrangements have been made. To make other arrangements you must notify Hire 4 Baby Tenerife at your earliest convenience, if you do not receive a response we may not have received the new information and is down to you (The User) to ensure we have received and accepted the new details. Late equipment returns will be charged at €10 per collection attempt.

The renter is responsible upon receipt of all equipment to inspect the equipment for proper functionality before usage. If at any time during the rental period your equipment does not function properly cease usage immediately. After ceasing use contact Hire 4 Baby Tenerife to make arrangements for equipment to be collected (The customer will be liable to damage made and asked to pay on collection). Customer will then have the option to continue the rental period with a replacement subject to availability at that time.

Rental Equipment and Accessories are to be used exclusively by the renter only. At no point can the renter pass equipment on to third party at any time.

Your delivery/pick up site information may be disclosed with the destinations to employees and staff. This allows drop off and pick up of the rental equipment to be easier and more efficient for your holiday. 


All orders must be cancelled 24 hours prior to your planned departure time, after this point all orders are non refundable and must be paid in full.

Fulfilment guarantee

If we are unable to deliver your order or offer a substitute for any reason we will issue a full refund on your order. 

Delays and deliveries

We will monitor your flight status to ensure that we deliver your items once you have landed in resort (and arrived at the agreed delivery location). 


By accepting this rental agreement you agree to and acknowledge you have selected baby equipment that is acceptable for your needs. You understand Hire 4 Baby Tenerife is not the manufacturer or designer of rental equipment or accessories. Hire 4 Baby Tenerife is not responsible to use manufacturers warranties for itself or the customer. You understand the rental equipment is rented as it is.

Please note are baby video room monitors are for use in the apartment, house and place of stay only. They are not to be used so that the baby/child can be left unnatended whilst parents leave the place of stay. Hire 4 Baby Tenerife does not take any responsability for misuse of the product and requests that this item is only ordered if it is planned to be used for the reasons above.

Anyone giving false information to Hire 4 Baby Tenerife at time of hire will result in an immediate termination of hire with immediate effect and no refund given. 

Hire 4 Baby Tenerife will not tolerate anyone stealing or attempting to steal any hire equipment from Hire 4 Baby Tenerife and will result in full prosecution every time.

All orders must be placed 48 hours in advance on the website to receive a full serivce. For orders outside of the 48 hour process please CALL US, WHATSAPP us or EMAIL US directly to arrange same day delivery on (+34) 693 855 455

Airport deliveries

All airport deliveries must be paid in full prior to your arrival and received by us (Hire 4 Baby S.L.) to be able to deliver your required items. If your flight is delayed or cancelled we will deliver your items as to our original instructions based on your new time or date, if the new time crosses with any other delivery or collection already arranged, the delivery time may be delayed.

If you have asked for more than just the car seat to be delivered to the airport you must be sure all items are able to travel with you from the airport prior to meeting us as there will be a €20 fee to change delivery location.

Car Seats

All our car seats must be installed by yourself the user. Our drivers are not insured to install car seats at any point or for any reason and you the user agree to take full responsibility of the car seats set up and installation. You (The User) agree to hold Hire 4 Baby Tenerife harmless and indeminify them and all people associated with the company from any and all claims and or injuries up to and including death.

North deliveries

All items hired for the North of the island will be subject to a €50 deposit and €20 delivery fee. On delivery all items must be checked and confirmed they are in full working order prior to taking the items as we are a South based company and cannot change products once delivery has been completed. If a swap or change of an item is required in the North and is possible, a delivery fee of €50 will be charged to do this. Delivery and collection times must be met, if you require to change the collection or delivery time, this must be agreed atleast 48 hours in advance. This is to ensure our items are delivered and collected at the locations and times we have agreed with you (The User), if the collection times and points are not met, the deposit will not be refunded.